Business Tools to Help You During the Coronavirus Emergency

We have received calls and emails from you, our members, about how to stay operational and provide the highest level of service during the current coronavirus emergency. Below is information your business can use through the dizzying changes that have been occurring over these past few weeks.

Office Operations
Remote Online Notarization (RON)
Loan Programs
Unemployment Insurance Claim


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Watch the April 2nd ALTA Town Hall on COVID 19, its impacts on the title industry and more on the federal stimulus bill.


Office Operations

NEW PRODUCT: Create a safe environment while providing peace of mind for customers and staff. These devices provide a non-invasive, contactless temperature scan to keep your environment fever free. Three different solutions to choose from for any scenario. Click here to learn more.

Read what other companies are doing around the country through our friends at ALTA:

Here is a new ALTA blog post on creative solutions to handling closings during the COVID 19 emergency:  

A number of state Land Title Associations have shared sample letters and templates for title employees to carry with them (as some states are requiring employees to carry these if they are stopped to prove they are an essential service employee). While this is not necessarily a requirement in Maryland, we have developed a template for a letter for you to use/customize as needed. Click here to access the letter template.


During the coronavirus emergency, keeping your data and networks secure is even more challenging. Here are some tools and articles provided to us by to help keep you secure: 

Cybercrime Expected to Double During COVID-19

Avoid Being "ZoomBombed"

20 Ways to Stop Mobile Attacks

Social Engineering Red Flags

How Hackers Have Weaponized Coronavirus

Preparing Your Employees to Safely Work from Home 

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

With the Governor's recent Executive Order allowing for immediate implementation of Remote Online Notarization during the state of emergency, we wanted to provide you with some information to better understand the technology. 

The Title Agent Guide to Remote Online Notarization

Everything Title Agents Need to Know About Closing Online

ALTA Video on Remote Online Notarization

E & O Insurance Using RON. 

Loan Programs

Read here about how MLTA member Capital Bank helped title companies like yours secure Payroll Payment Protection loans to keep the title industry thriving in Maryland.

Watch the ALTA Webinar powered by Qualia (April 7th) on "How Your Business Can Access Financial Assistance Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic".

For information on what the state of Maryland is doing for businesses during this time, click here.

On March 27th, the President signed the CARES Act into law releasing stimulus money into the economy including a significant amount for small businesses affected by the coronavirus. Click here to read more about what is available through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Here is a list of MLTA members who are partners with the SBA on the disaster loan programs.

Maryland Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

April 23 Update - Maryland expects to begin taking applications from the self-employed tomorrow as a result of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, which offers help for the many workers who aren’t eligible for traditional unemployment benefits and aren’t on any company’s payroll. If you plan to apply in Maryland, visit the Dept. of Labor’s website and enter your email address to receive important information and instructions about filing your new claim.

The federal government recently passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), which includes an expansion of unemployment insurance benefits for Marylanders. The Secretary of the Maryland Department of Labor opted into providing ALL three of the expanded unemployment insurance programs offered through the provisions of the CARES Act. 

However, the IT systems for filing a claim are not currently available. Click here to read more information and provide your email address to receive updates on when you can file. Scroll down to find the information.