Purposes of the Certified Land Title Professional Designation Program

  • to set the highest possible standards for professionalism within the Maryland land title industry and to encourage adherence to these standards among title professionals
  • to recognize and reward outstanding title professionals who are executive-level leaders in the industry for their knowledge, contributions, commitment to excellence and for providing long-term service to the Maryland Land Title Association
  • to stimulate an awareness of the characteristics of true professionalism within the Maryland title industry and a desire to contribute to the advancement of the industry through service to the Maryland Land Title Association

Listing of Certified Land Title Professionals


Benefits of Designation as a Certified Land Title Professional

  • the letters CLTP following the name of a title professional immediately identifies such person as highly motivated, knowledgeable, experienced, and entitled to respect from his or her peers
  • this designation enhances one’s reputation in the Maryland title industry for dedication and excellence and recognizes leadership and major contributions to the Maryland Land Title Association
  • the CLTP designation entitles the designee to a 10% to 25% discount on tuition for continuing education and leadership seminars sponsored by the Maryland Land Title Association and (if associated with a company that is not a member of the Maryland Land Title Association) entitles the designee to individual membership in the association at reduced annual dues
  • CLTP designees receive special recognition on the Maryland Land Title Association’s website

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