Greetings fellow members. I am truly honored to be the next President of the Maryland Land Title Association. To stand in the shadows of many brilliant and talented leaders before me is a humbling achievement. As I take office on November 1, our industry faces many obstacles and challenges. Whether it be from market conditions, regulators, or fraudsters, our profession is being tested.

We must stand vigilant; we must stand strong; and we must stand united. Make no mistake. The real estate industry is under attack from many sides, but we will survive and prosper regardless of the conditions so long as we stay unified. I promise that I will work tirelessly to protect our members and our customers. I fervently believe that this Association should be an influencer that commands immediate credibility. Either in the halls of the legislatures, the regulatory agencies or on the streets of the neighborhoods that we have so closely protected. We must be able to dictate policies that affect our careers and the people and entities that we serve and employee.

I sincerely hope that my twenty-five plus years of experience will add value to the auspicious and aggressive goals that I have set for my tenure. I intend to make my administration year a benchmark and a spring board for future organizational aspirations.

Finally, we can only achieve greatness by having a strong membership base of support. I ask each of you to consider participating in some form or fashion in the Association’s activities; whether it be at Lobby Day; join a committee; or simply appear at the many events we have planned for the year to stand with us in solidarity to show our strength and numbers. My expectations are lofty but achievable, and I am pleased that I have such a talented Board to support me. My virtual door is always open and I encourage each of you to reach out to me if you have any ideas to make our organization better.  


Shawn A. Goldfaden, Esq.
MLTA President 2023-2024