Who should take the Title Insurance Pre-Licensing Class?

A Title Insurance Producer (TIP) or a Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractor (TIPIC) must first take the Title Insurance Pre-Licensing class before sitting for the Title Insurance Licensing Exam. Both must be licensed by the Maryland Insurance Commissioner to conduct business in Maryland. It is the title insurer’s responsibility to see that all appointed TIPs and TIPICs are appropriately licensed.​

A TIP is a person (individual or company), including an attorney, who solicits, procures, or negotiates title insurance contracts for compensation or who provides escrow, closing, or settlement services that may result in the issuance of a title insurance contract.

A TIPIC is an independent contractor, including an attorney, who provides on behalf of a TIP escrow, closing, or settlement services that may result in the issuance of a title insurance contract. A TIPIC must be a commissioned notary in order to witness documents.

What is the process I need to follow to get my license?1) Register and complete the 20-hour pre-licensing class.
2) Register and pass the state licensing examination made up of 110 multiple-choice questions (of which 100 are scored). The Title Insurance Producer exam is administered by Prometric. The cost is $60. 
3) You have six months to schedule and take the exam after taking the Pre-Licensing course.
4) After passing the exam, apply with the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA: 410-468-2411) to become licensed as a Title Insurance Producer. You have six months after completing the exam to apply for your license. The application fee is $54. 

Who Oversees the Title Insurance License? 

The Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) oversees TIPs and TIPICs. Learn more, and read more FAQs on the MIA site

Where are the Title Insurance License Application Forms? 

Licensing Forms

How do I register for my exam? 
The Maryland Insurance Administration and Prometric are pleased to announce the availability of the Maryland Insurance exams via Remotely Proctored testing using Prometric’s ProProctor™ application. To learn more about the ProProctor™ testing program and register to take the exam using this application, click here.

The quickest way to schedule your exam is to do it online, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From the Prometric home page (https://live-prometric.pantheonsite.io/), search for or select the name of the test you want to take under the test taker menu. You’ll be brought to the “home page” for the organization whose exam it is. Click action links on the left-hand side and simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. You’ll go through a handful of steps that will include finding a test center where your exam is available, entering your personal information, supplying eligibility information, if necessary and payment screens.

If you have challenges scheduling your exam online, you may also schedule your exam by calling 1-800-610-1174 between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST Saturday and Sunday.

Whichever method of registration you select, Prometric accepts credit card payments using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. If you choose to mail your application, you may pay with a company check or cashier’s check, but NOT with a personal check. Please make sure that you are registering for the correct exam. Please note that all registration fees are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE once paid.

Where are the in-person testing centers?

Canton Crossing
1501 South Clinton Street, 2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD  21224

8120 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 510
Bethesda, MD  20814

6304 Woodside Court
Columbia, MD  21046

4301 Garden City Drive, Suite 203
Hyattsville, MD  20785

1322 Belmont Avenue, Suite 203
Salisbury, MD  21801

8601 LaSalle Road, Suite 106
Towson, MD  21286

What is considered a passing score?
To achieve a passing score on the examination, you must receive a 70% or higher on each examination.

What if I took the two-part exam and only passed one part?
If you took the title producer licensing exam with Prometric when it was a two-part exam and passed one part and failed the other, you will have to take the new one part exam regardless of which part of the exam you had previously passed. This is the only way you will be able to complete the exam and apply for your license. Your eligibility number will remain the same. If you did not previously have an eligibility number, Prometric will create one for you. Prometric will also email you as a candidate with a reminder of your eligibility number. The retake must occur within six months of your eligibility. If you fail an exam, you can’t take that same exam for four days.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my exam?

  • To reschedule your existing exam appointment, you must contact Prometric more than 24 hours prior to the exam appointment date in order to avoid forfeiting your exam fee.
  • To cancel your existing exam appointment, you must contact Prometric either through their toll-free number or by visiting www.prometric.com/maryland/Insurance more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled exam appointment in order to avoid forfeiting your original exam fee.

How do I request an exam refund?
If you paid via credit card online and cancel your exam, the amount you paid will be automatically refunded to the card you used.

If you would like to request an exam refund, you must initiate a refund by going to https://fs6.formsite.com/Prometric/form33/index.html and completing the refund form.

When should I get to my appointment on the day of my exam?
Please arrive at your exam appointment at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your exam. This will ensure that the Test Center Administrators can check you in properly.

What identification do I need for my appointment?
You must provide one form of identification. The ID must be a non-expired, government-issued, photo- and signature-bearing ID. If the primary ID does not include a photo or signature, then you must provide a secondary ID that contains the missing piece of information.

Important Phone Numbers: 
Maryland Insurance Administration Producer Licensing:  (410) 468-2411
Prometric: 1-800-610-1174

OK, I passed my exam. How do I apply for my license? 
After passing the state administered licensing exam to become a Title Insurance Producer, you will need to:.

  1. Submit a Paper application which is required to be mailed for all initial Title applications.
  2. All supplemental forms and fees must be received before an application is reviewed.
  3. The application fee must be paid by check or money order.

For more Information read more online at the Maryland Insurance Administration's website or email the Maryland Insurance Administration at [email protected]